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Photos Courtesy: paparazzooo :D

Barangay Chairman: Mario (Sildo) Fuentiblanca

SK Chairman: Jomar (Alkuino) Macuja

Etymology: Hiligaynon word of  "disobedient". In Kinaray-a, "Mararison"

Geography: an island in Culasi Channel (an arm of Sulu Sea) off the western coast of Culasi. Known as "the Island of Sleeping Beauty,"  "Culasi's Crown Jewel," and The Gem of Culasi Channel. Proximity to the mainland. It is comparable in size to Vatican City & Rizal (Luneta) Park.

Area: 50 hectares [ 123.55 acres ]

Population: 578 [2007 Census]


% Change: 12.89 [95 & 2007 Figures]

Points of Interest: World-class scuba diving/snorkeling sites; 9 Dive (Transect) Sites; Lantawan Hill; Luyo Hill; Nablag Rock; White Sand beaches; Cave; Lagoon-like; Pitcher plant; Pine & Duhat Trees; Freshwater spring; Gui-ob Marine Reserve

Educational Institutions: Malalison Elementary School; Malalison Day-Care Center

Health Institution: Malalison Health Station

Religious Denominations: Christ Builders' Fellowship Church; Our Lady of Remedies Catholic Chapel

Patron Saint: Our Lady of Remedies

Barangay & Religious Fiesta: May 9-10

Potable Water Supplier: From a freshwater spring on the northern side

Power Service: Crude oil provided by Malalison Officials, running from 6pm to 10 pm.

Previous Leaders: Alberto (Catague) DOROTEO; Romeo (Sualog) MACUJA; Ric (Bandiola) DOROTEO; Nelfa (Baliguat) MACUJA; Allan (Bernabe) MACUJA

Getting There:

Mara-holic Ka Ba?! 8)

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